Desiree Godsell


Round 14 of The Pearl dance concert series featuring Africa Miranda with B.C..G.D.T!

Wholelotta Productions (The creators and directors of The Pearl) is a full-service production company specializing in Arts Administration, music video direction, and stage show consulting.

The Pearl is a new mixed media dance concert series, giving choreographers and artists the opportunity to present new work.  The Pearl is comprised of two halves. The first half showcases new dance works by choreographers of all dance genres. The second presents collaborative works between dance artists and artists of other mediums, highlighting a rotating musical guest at the end of the program accompanied by Brooklyn Colored Girls Dance Team (BCGDT).

This quarterly series is designed to bring concert dance to viewers from the most avid to first time theater goers. The Pearl takes a youthful approach—luring New York City audiences by incorporating local talent and a DJ. 

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